Beautiful design is everything to us.


We build vintage inspired photo booths for permanent placement in bars, breweries, nightclubs and hotels. We believe that the more lovely the photo booth looks, the more it gets used and the more fun it spreads. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Permanent booths are placed in bars and clubs on an approval basis, however, we also offer short term and long term leases for those that need this in their life.



The Details

Permanent_Booth_1 2.png

How We Do

Photomatica approves the bar or venue and we agree upon a design. The venue pays nothing. We handcraft and deliver a photo booth that charges users $5 a session. The user gets 2 photostrips with the venue logo on it. Photomatica handles all maintenance and sales tax. A check is mailed out every month for the venue’s share of the profit.


Social Media Content Provider

Our photo booths produce brilliant social media content for your guests to post. Happy faces printed with your logo end up all over Instagram and Facebook, geotagging your location.  Photostrips then go on a wall or a fridge. Now everyone knows the best spot to party.



Data Capture

Photomatica booths also have the ability to send photos and GIFs to users email and mobile phones directly from the booth.  Would you like to have the email and phone numbers of people that visit your bar? We can help you put them on blast.



We service the United States and beyond! Let us know where you are and we’ll see how we can get to you.